Kick Scooter
Developed specially for adults and teenagers with its high handlebar (1.2m), the XBoard kick-scooters easily overcome any urban terrain.
Being highly portable (5kg), rugged and durable, it also maximizes a rider’s kick power with its large and broad (8x2inch) wheel, which is extremely free-wheeling.
Made of lightweight aircraft alloy, it folds/unfolds in 1 sec and allows the rider to sling it across his/her shoulder when traveling on public transport.
  • Light weight at 5kg
  • Long distance per kick (efficient kick power transmission)
  • Ultra free wheels
  • Sling over shoulder to carry
Electric Scooter
XBoard also comes in another electric powered variant that allows a rider to choose between manual kicking and electric propulsion.
The electric model  packs in a powerful advanced 1horsepower BLDC motor and Lithium polymer battery that has a top speed of about 35km/h and range of about 15km.
Weighing in at about 9kg, its slightly heavier than a packed briefcase.
  • 1 horsepower advanced BLDC motor
  • 9AH advanced lithium polymer battery
  • Max. Range upto 18km/charge
  • 3hrs to full charge.
  • hand portable at 9kg (slightly heavier than a briefcase)
  • Function as kick scooter in non-electric mode
High Capacity Charger (1hr charging): $289
Puchase with electric scooter: $99/ limited to 1 per scooter (same day purchase only)