The initial idea behind Electroboard was first contemplated by an environmental-conscious electrical engineering undergraduate. It was about utilizing energy-efficient and environmental-friendly Personal Electric Transport, PET, gadgets for short distance urban transportation. This green and mean little gadgets have since captured the hearts of many urbanites with their power and good looks, fulfilling the initial goals that brought them here.


PET gadgets use advanced series DC motors instead of conventional gasoline engine to power itself. Its advantages over conventional vehicles are numerous, mainly in cost savings and environmental friendliness. PETs do not emit noxious pollutants and are generally an extremely quiet form of personal transport. Continue...

Electroboard is currently the leading supplier of PET gadgets for recreational and transportation purposes in Singapore. Our PETs comes in various interesting and fun designs and specifications. Pick one that suits your personalities best, ride them and flaunt your new-found freedom and duty. Which is to stay environmental-conscious.

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